Big City Group LLC is a successful organization with great potential. The company has been operating in the market of cargo transportation and the provision of specialized machinery services since 2011. We provide transportation services related to the transportation of bulk materials, removal of construction waste, transportation of bulky (outsized) cargo and equipment, we also provide special equipment for construction work throughout Ukraine. Turning to us, you provide yourself with quality services that play an important role in any construction process. Our fleet of special vehicles includes: excavators, rollers, graders, bulldozers, frontal loaders, truck cranes, crawler cranes, mini loaders. We also have a large fleet of various trucks: frame dump trucks, dump trailers, trailers, tilt trucks. Thanks to a modern repair base, our equipment regularly and on time undergoes maintenance, which ensures uninterrupted operation. We are constantly expanding and updating our own fleet of vehicles with the most modern innovations in the field of vehicles and special equipment for the most efficient operation.

We will be glad to see you among our customers!